Christmas Tree time

Well I’ve been lazy lately–I just set up the Christmas Tree tonight, all by myself. Usually we would have it up by Thanksgiving Day. Everyone’s been asleep so I had to do it on my own. Mommy’s a little under the weather so hopefully she feels better tomorrow. So far I only got the Christmas lights up. Gotta find the rest of the decorations tomorrow. Its about time for my usual ritual I’ve done for the last couple night, staying up late channel surfing and drinking some great coffee.

Oh, Kai has been learning to eat all on his own now. Yesterday and today he insists on sitting in his own chair and feeding himself. Yesterday it was curry vegetable rice with stew chicken and today it was one of our personal favorites, mac and cheese, that’s always a crowd pleaser.

It’s been a great couple days off. Got some errands done including being Santa’s little helper today (picked up some gifts). Finally got to clean the car today to and give Cassie a much needed bath, poor girl.


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