Christmas, bar-b-ques, and bedtime

Christmas eve was a long day but a good one. I worked late that day and didn’t get home until about 11:40 pm. Mommy was already asleep. When I got home I had to put together Kai’s Christmas present, a Power Wheel jeep. Assembling it was easy enough but then I had to put all the decals all over it. I didn’t finish until about 3:00 am Christmas morning. I had to work early the next morning so I got only two hours sleep. It was fun putting together my boy’s Christmas toy while he slept though. We didn’t get any pictures on Christmas day but I will get some with his new toys.

Yesterday was a good day too. We had a nice little family bar-b-que in the evening. Just a couple pieces of chicken and a couple steaks. I took care of the grill, well Kai helped too. He liked seeing the charcoal glow in the grill. Mommy took care of the flour tortillas, potato salad and the always popular mac and cheese. After we eat we watched a little TV.

Probably the best part of the night was bedtime. While watching TV Kai climbed up on top of me and we started playing a little bit. It wasn’t long before he was lying down on my stomach so I started to pat him on the back and he fell asleep right on top of me. I think that is only the second time that has happened. Even though I am tired a lot of nights I love putting him to sleep.



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