Happy New Year but a not-so-good morning

We woke up a bit stuffy today and Kai was crying. He was asking for
Mommy but she had to work early today so I hugged him and tried to
explain where Mommy was. We got out of bed and shook of the morning
blues with a bottle of milk followed by some peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches with juice for breakfast.

After that we were okay and at one point Kai came running out of his
room happy as can be holding one of his little toy tractors (really a
bulldozer) high above his head in one hand. I guess he just found it
in his toy bin and wanted to show it off to me. It was a little
Matchbox bulldozer that had the front blade broken off from the first
day he got it.

It was nice to see him so happy after waking up stuffy and crying but
this is where it goes from good to bad. As soon as he hands the
tractor to me he turns around to run back into his room and he trips
over one of the wheels from his ride-on scooter and falls flat on his
stomach. He was already crying by the time I picked him up. I had to
pretend to beat up the scooter for him to stop crying. It was cool
that he stopped crying after I beat up the scooter but I wish he
didn’t fall in the first place.

The rest of the morning was okay then I took him to Grandma’s house so
he can play with his cousins. He loves the Ironman toy Ajani has—I
have to get him one of those. He used to be frightened of it because
it talks when you press a button on his chest but now he refuses to
let it go.


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