Random Photos of Daddy and Mommy

my baby Photo-op in Cancun On the rocks - Cancun At the Blue Hole

From left to right: 1) Mommy in her crotchet bikini on the beach in Caye Caulker. This was a little after we first started going out. I got her that bikini, looks even better in the water. 2) Mommy took this photo of me in Cancun while we were waiting for the elevator. I think we stayed on the 7th floor. We were just heading out for a walk on the beach. 3) I got this great photo of Mommy while walking on the beach in Cancun. There are beautiful rocks right in the surf on the beach. She is about 2o feet above the water on the edge of a cliff. 4) This one is also from when we first started dating. We got the same day off and took a road trip. We ended up at the Blue Hole right off the Hummingbird Highway. I love this photo, maybe it’s the clear water or the sun peaking through the trees. Hell, I just always love looking at my baby.


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