Time to get in shape

Mommy and I have resolved to get back in shape, I guess you could call
it our late New Year’s Resolution. We’ve been concentrating on Kai
for a long time, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but its about
time we start doing something good for ourselves.

The general goal: Mommy wants to lose some weight and I want to gain
some weight, weird huh. Well I doubt I may have enough time to devote
to the gym as I would like but, the best part so far is our new gear
(check out the pics). We got a brand new jogging stroller for Kai, a
cool little bicycle seat for him (still working on getting the
bicycle) and a new pair of running shoes for Mommy and I. I love
getting time to exercise, I can’t wait. We are going on our first
walk/slash jog today after work.

Our new joggin stroller Kai's toddler helmet
mommy and kai on mommys new bike Kai's new bike seat


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