Mommy’s and Daddy’s day off together

Well, its been long week at work and we were lucky enough that Mommy and I got two days off together. It’s been like a mini vacation.

The first day was great, we spent the whole day together. First we played in bed for a long time with Kai. By the time we got out of bed it was almost 12 noon.

First thing we went to do was buy Mommy a new bicycle. A few days ago we got Kai’s new baby bicycle seat but we didn’t have a bike yet. As soon as we got the bike home Mommy insisted that I install the baby seat right away so she could go for the first test ride with Kai. Here they are coming back from their first ride together. Mommy looks beautiful on a bike.

mommy and kai on mommys new bike

Kai enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to come out of the baby seat, so, daddy had to go for the second test ride with Kai. Here we are getting back from our first ride together.

Kai's new bike seat

After that it was a quick shower for everyone, it was hot that day, and then we went out for lunch.

daddy enjoying his day off

Me relaxing at the restaurant waiting for my cold beer 🙂

bamboo bridge 2

Kai couldn’t keep still and just wanted to play on the bamboo bridge at the restaurant.


After lunch we took Kai for a haircut at Abraham’s. He was a good boy today. He is usually scared and crying at the barber but today he just sat there and talked to us while getting his haircut.

Daddy putting Kai to sleep

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home. Mommy and Kai did go for another ride in the evening. Here I am putting Kai to sleep, looks like he is still awake here. We always have the same bedtime routine, after I close up all the windows and lock the doors we go around the house together turning off all the light switches. We kiss Amber good night when we get to her room. Then we kiss Mommy good night and Mommy always prays with him at bedtime. It wasn’t long before he was sound asleep and it was the end of our day off together.

Great day…


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