Squirt’s Two Years Old! Yeah!

I was off for Kai’s birthday so here is how the day went. First, he came back from GrandMa’s house and he went to the doctor for his belated MMR shot and he also got a Chicken Pox vaccination. One in each arm, two shots on his second birthday, not real good huh. Well, he cried for about five seconds then the Doctor gave him a handful of lollipops and he was smiling again, he even shared all his lollipops with Aunty Sally and Ajay who were with us.

We went home for a little while and played, I was the horsey again 🙂

After we picked up Mommy from work we got busy preparing for his birthday party. We got groceries, drinks, ice, beer, a pinata, candy, balloons, toys and of course a birthday cake. We had the pinata inside so I had to drill a hole in the ceiling for a big hook. All evening was spent cleaning and making food.


Everyone starting showing up and it got really loud with kids fast but that’s what a kid’s party is suppose to be right. Most of the guests were Mommy’s family. My family was here too but GrandMa was still in Cuba and Uncle Eli was working out in the Cayes so they missed the party. The highlight of the party for me was playing games with Squirt. We played dodgeball and soccer in the driveway, we didn’t win dodgeball 😦 but it was a lot of fun. After that he took his ride-on scooter (his bike) out in the drive way. It was fun watching him running while pushing the bike then jumping on it for a short ride. Then he found the part of the drive way that inclines like a ramp. Like father like son, he pushed the bike to the top and jumped on to ride it all they way down, over and over again. I took some good punches, kicks, slaps and scratches when I had to pick him up to go back to the house.

Then we played musical chairs, well, all the kid’s played, I didn’t play. That was a lot of fun for everyone at the party. After that we opened up the pinata, Mommy and I were right there on the floor with Squirt grabbing as much candy as we could. I took a couple kicks from someone too but we got a lot of candy for Squirt. Yeah!!!

The birthday cake came out next and we all sang happy birthday. Kai tried to blow out the candles mid song, I helped him a little to blow them out. Then he took the lollipop out of his mouth and took a big bite of the cake. GOOD TIMES

Not long after everyone started going home, Kai played with my old skateboard the rest of the night. At bedtime he fell asleep with no problem.




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