Squirt’s 1st time at Goff’s Caye

Our story starts yesterday, Sunday, after I got off from work. At the last minute Aunty Jaylene invited us to go to Goff’s Caye. We had never been there so we said okay but we didn’t have time to prepare as the boat was ready to go.

Now Kai loves boats but as soon as I took him onto the boat he got a little freightened. After about two minutes he settled down and was enjoying the ride. We borrowed some sun block from a lady on the boat for Kai. The ride was about 45 minutes I think.

It was our first time to Goff’s Caye so we were all virgins, LOL. The docking pier didn’t have any space so we had to jump into the water on the shore. Did I mention we weren’t prepared for the trip and I had jeans on. Well Mommy and Kai got off just fine, she had a mini skirt on (and a two piece Corona bikini under her clothes). On the other hand, I had to roll up my pant legs but I still ended up getting wet, not really an issue because the island was beautiful.

Goff's Caye SSPX0213

As soon as we were off the boat Kai was already walking in the surf getting wet. We didn’t have his swimming trunks so he swam in the same clothes he had on. Mommy found a nice spot in the sand under a coconut tree. It was great watching him play in the water and the sand. I got some great pictures.

SSPX0169 SSPX0165 Kai on Goff's Caye

Well we couldn’t let him stay in the water forever so we pulled him out, changed him into some dry clothes and fed him some rice and beans. I got a couple cold beers from the guys on the boat which was appreciated to say the least. 🙂


After that we took turns chasing Kai around the beach. He ran pretty good in the beach sand. We took a little stroll around the small island (beer in hand). By this time it was late in the evening so everyone headed back to the boat.

SSPX0200 SSPX0187

Mostly everyone was still wet from swimming. I did not swim at all because I didn’t want to have to hold Kai while I was all wet. After everyone was back in the boat we found out something was wrong with the engine. Basically, we just drifted farther away from the island and the sun was already setting. A couple short minutes later the sun dipped below the horizon and the engine still wasn’t working. Well this wasn’t good but apparently it had happened before and I guess they could fix it. That little bit of news didn’t make us feel any better considering we were stranded on a drifting boat with Kai.

What felt like almost an hour later, they finally fixed the engine and we were on our way. It was already getting dark so it was cold out on the water and we didn’t have any jacket for Kai, not even a towel. I ended up taking off my t-shirt to wrap around him. Thank goodness he wasn’t really giving any trouble this whole time. He quickly fell asleep in my arms and all wrapped up in my t-shirt. Another 45 minutes or so later and we finally reached the city, thankfully, because those beers were catching up to me and I had to go, really bad.

After a quick restroom break we were finally safely at home. Aside from what could have potentially gone very bad, it was still a great day. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on Goff’s Caye, our very first time there. The weather was great, the breeze was cool, the water and sand were beautiful and I got to share the whole experience with my Baby and my little Squirt.


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