Easter in Boom

Like I mentioned on my Twitter updates, we had a family get together for Easter in Boom at Marlenie and Jason’s house. It wasn’t too bad…

We drank some beers and ate some bar-b-que. Kai was playing in the beach sand with his powerwheel. After a while the battery died so I tied it up and towed him around the yard. All the older kids were in the pool. Of course, Kai was dieing to get in there too so we rinsed of his sandy feet and arms and put him in there. He was smiling and laughing the whole time. When it was time to take him out he put up a little fight but we got him dryed off and in some fresh clothes. He relaxed for a little while drinking a bottle and then it was back in the sand.

I played in the sand with him a while then we ate some more bar-b-que. Mommy took him back into the pool. He used a new swimming trunks Tia Mar got for him. It’s a round pool so everyone decided to make it a whirl pool by trying to run in circles in the same direction. Kai enjoyed floating around and around the pool.

After we got him dried off again it was back in the sand again. Then he decided he wanted a coconut so Grandpa showed him how to chop open a coconut. I don’t know why he wanted it because he doesn’t eat the coconut or drink the coconut water.

To sum up the day, I got to drink some beers, eat some bar-b-que, play with Kai in the sand (the hightlight of my day) and Kai got to play in the pool twice (I imagine the highlight of his day).

Not a bad Easter. 🙂



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