First night in the “big boy bed”

It’s been two days since I set up our new bed in our bedroom and made space for Squirt’s new toddler bed, also in our room. So, he is still sleeping in the same room with us but not in our bed. Mommy insisted that I didn’t put him in his own room yet.

The first night he fell asleep in the car so I just put him down in his new bed. Very early in the morning, when it was still very dark, he woke up and cried out for Mommy. I jumped up and picked him up out of his bed. I think he was cold because he had kicked his blanket off of himself. I held him and talked to him a little then put him between us in our bed for the rest of the night. All in all, not a bad first night with his new bed. Mommy also got a great night’s rest in our new bed which was a great plus.

Last night we didn’t go anywhere so it was a better test for Squirt and his new bed. Mommy turned in a bit earlier so it was just Squirt and I. We did our usual ritual of turning out all the lights and telling everyone (and everything) good night. He is not apprehensive about his bed at all so he lied down on his pillow with no problems. We talked a little while about Mommy having the day off the next day and spending the whole day with him. He was definitely settling down but still not keeping still and falling asleep so I picked him up again and started rocking him in my arms like when he was younger. After a couple minutes of this he actually wanted to go back to his own bed. So I put him down again, we gave each other a kiss and said our “I love yous”, I patted his back for a couple more minutes and he was asleep…

Night number two in his new bed was a success. He slept the whole night in his bed without a peep. I woke up a couple times to just to make sure he was still covered with his sheet but other than that it was a very good night for all of us.

“Good job Kai”

I’m a very, very proud daddy, he’s such a big boy now, so brave…I only wish I was there when he woke up but I had to work early.



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