Vegetables and the garbage can

Lots of times we don’t have Squirt eating the most nutritious foods. Especially when it comes to Mommy, both her and Squirt have a sweet tooth.

But tonight I wanted him to try something new and nutritious. So I made a quick little beef stew with small, bite sized pieces of meat, diced carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. I set him down in his chair we usually have him eat meals and put a little bit of my stew in front of him. Right away he picked up a piece of carrot and tried it, he didn’t like it. He tried a little more, the meat and broccoli, but it was obvious he didn’t like it.

After playing in his food a couple minutes he said, “Dada, want go throw away.” Meaning he wanted to got throw away the food in the garbage.

So I let helped him out of his chair and he calmly took his bowl, walked to the garbage can in the kitchen and scrapped out all of his food into the garbage can. That was disappointing, I was hoping he would like his vegetables but it was still funny.


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