Kai’s empty bed

It’s been several days since Kai’s been sleeping in his own bed on a regular basis. Some nights he still falls asleep in our bed though. One of our big concerns with him sleeping in his own bed was that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, do we really feel comfortable with him possibly wondering around the house alone in the dark.

The other night we got our first experience with this exact problem. Kai was sleeping in his bed as usual and we were in our bed. That night I couldn’t sleep so I got up for about an hour and watched some TV until I got sleepy. Now when I went back to check on Kai, he wasn’t in his bed. He had gotten up, climbed out of his bed and into our bed and was fast asleep next to Mommy.

My initial response when I didn’t find him in his bed was panic but after finding him next to Mommy I was kind of proud of him. That he was smart enough and brave enough to get from his bed to our bed all alone in the dark. Needless to say he slept the rest of the night between us in our bed.



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