Time flies

Well I haven't updated the blog in a while now.  Our little Kai is growing up faster than I am ready for.  I often find myself still thinking of him as my little toddler that is just learning to walk and talk.  The truth is he is way past that stage.  He will be starting school within a year and a half or so, which I imagine will past by in no time at all.  He is so smart and active now.  We are working on his ABCs, numbers and writing.  I'm thinking its time to cut down on the amount of TV we let him watch.  Nothing drastic, just a couple hours a day so he can concentrate more on something else.  I will have to convince Mommy that it's soon time to put him in his own room, his bed is still set up in our bedroom.

Since he was born I've looked forward to his toddler years and they've been great times so far. He is still very much a toddler now but I am getting glimpses of the fact that he is growing up but, I'm getting ahead of myself.  For now, we will definitely enjoy what's left of his toddler years.



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