Squirt is getting better

For a very long time my Squirt has had an on going problem with his sinuses.  It's hard to remember a day when he didn't have to blow his nose.  Thank goodness he has never developed any severe irritation from always wiping his nose.  Well, we finally switched doctors, got some x-rays and he is now on some new medication that seems to be working better.  A couple months of this and its back for another checkup to see if all is well.  Now, on advice of the doctor, we have to try and reduce any allergens in the house so the biggest change is finding new homes for our two dogs.  So its good bye for Cassie and Buddy.  And to think, just over a week ago I was thinking of getting Squirt a little puppy for his birthday coming up early next year.  Well, hopefully he will get better and maybe in a year or two we can consider that again.  Hey, we may be losing two family pets but we're gaining a healthier son so I definitely can't complain about that.


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