The big kids won’t play with me

I am sad to say Squirt came to me in tears today because his older cousins, 4 and 7 years old, didn't want him to play with them.  They were playing with those classic plastic soldiers that don't do anything except stand there with their rifles aimed.  Apparently, Squirt was knocking them over and over again while they were trying to build their respective army camps with the little soldiers.

Well, I couldn't bare to see the tears running down his cheeks so I stole some of their soldier, a motorcycle, two helicopters and two fighter jets.  For the next hour Squirt and I played on the living room floor with our hijacked soldiers.  After that, I had to leave for work but he was feeling better by that time.

While I did get some play time with my Squirt it wasn't easy seeing him excluded from playing with two of his best buddies.  I certainly hope that doesn't happen too much when I'm not there because he loves those two kids.  I swear, if I ever see some other toddler bully my boy at the playground I'm gonna have to deck him.  Ha, I kid of course, kind of.  An over-protective parent? Yes, indeed I am.

2 thoughts on “The big kids won’t play with me

  1. I haven’t had that experience yet w/ Tessa but I know it’s going to happen and I’m really curious to see my reaction. I feel exactly the way you mentioned and we kid about it but we’re serious at the same time.


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