14 Little things I love about my relationship with my 2 year old son

  1. When Mommy pretends to beat me up he always comes running to my rescue and shields me with his body.
  2. Just like when he was a new born, I can still lull him to sleep by softly singing Silent Night.
  3. He almost always gives me a big, tight hug and a kiss when I come home from work.
  4. He almost always yells for daddy (instead of mommy, sorry) when he sees our truck pull into Grandma's yard when we go to pick him up.
  5. He likes falling asleep on my stomach.
  6. Mommy's cuddle time on the bed with him is almost always ruined for her when I climb into be bed with them because I start getting most of the hugs and kisses (sorry again mommy).
  7. Couch potato days when he just sits and watches a little bit of TV with me, usually the Dog Whisperer on NatGeo.
  8. He makes me throw him up in the air when he pretends he is Ironman about to fly off into the sky.
  9. We both love a good escabeche, a spicy onion and chicken soup eaten with corn tortillas.
  10. At bedtime he likes to take over my pillow and snuggle up next to me.
  11. He likes to make me run all over the house with him, it's like mini marathons.
  12. Sometimes we just look at each other and we both begin to laugh uncontrollably for no reason.
  13. Most times he will willingly share his snacks with me but he always gives mommy a hard time.
  14. Sometimes he likes to pee at the same time with me, sharing the toilet, and usually smiling and laughing the whole time.

From the days when my wife was pregnant I told her that I looked forward to the times when Squirt would be old enough to walk, run around, talk, joke around and laugh with me.  I admit sometimes its tough to find energy and patience but these are the days I have looked forward to for so long and I love my relationship with my 2 year old son.


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