A tribute to my past: my Marshall half stack


I fired this baby up for the first time in about two and a half years a few days ago.  It is a Marshall Silver Jubilee Series 2553 JCM 25/50 (50 Watt Model).  This amp was produced in 1987 for that year alone.  It is also the chosen amplifier of Slash, formerly of Guns n’ Roses, however, he uses the 100 watt models.


In my high school days I found this at a small pawn shop.  It wasn’t even on display to be sold.  I was so busy drooling over all the cool gear that I wondered into the back room without knowing it.  The store owner found me back there looking at it.  He was holding it for another guy but he was taking too long to buy it so I told him I would buy it.  I put it on lay-away with the little bit of money I had and worked for months to pay it off.  It took me so long to get it that the lay-away period had expired but the cool pawn shop owner kept it for me and let me continue to pay for it.  When I got it home I still couldn’t play it because I didn’t have any speaker cabinet.  So being the determined, guitar obsessed guy I was I built a plywood cabinet big enough to fit one 12 speaker I picked up at a weekend flea market.  It took me many more months of working and saving to buy the Marshall cabinet at a local Guitar Center.


Sadly, as you can see, this bad boy has seen happier days.  Consequences of it being relegated to a shelf in the corner of the room.  All sorts of gunk has been spilled over it from, hair care products to beverages and even milk from my son’s baby bottle.


Here you can see the Marshall logo has been redesigned courtesy of my son’s unguided interest.  He has also pull off all the knobs from the front panel at one time or another.

…but, it still works and still sounds awesome.


2 thoughts on “A tribute to my past: my Marshall half stack

  1. Sorry buddy, even though I hardly get a chance to play these days, I’ve worked too hard to earn my Marshall. Will probably pass it on to my son along with my guitar.


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