Why yesterday could have been the worst day of our lives

Yesterday I got off of work only to find out that my 2 year old son received a serious shock from an exposed electrical outlet earlier in the day.  He was at his other Grandma’s house where they have been doing some remodeling and somehow he managed to get close to an exposed electrical outlet.  Unfortunately, he grabbed a hold of it with two hands.  I wasn’t there but from all accounts it was a serious shock, so much so that he couldn’t let go on his own.  It seems he was like that for several seconds until the electrical current finally threw him back about five feet. It wasn’t until then that his Aunt was the first to reach him.

This is the part where I have to thank God that my son is still alive.  When he was scooped up off the floor he was awake and crying but it could have been very different.  He could have been unconscious or his heart could have stopped.  Add to that, no one there at the time knew any first aid CPR but thankfully that wasn’t needed.  We still took him for a check up and they made sure he didn’t have any irregular heartbeat.  He did end up with a couple small cuts on his hands and they were red for a little while but aside from that, he is back to his usual self and he actually cheered me up later the night making funny faces.

5 thoughts on “Why yesterday could have been the worst day of our lives

  1. Wow. That sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when something like that happens is just… indescribable. You should probably be thankful that you were not there at the time. They may have had to hand over some sedatives before the big checkup!I remember once, I was getting the carseat in a friends car, and my one and a half year old daughter and the friend were on the sidewalk. I was fiddling, and fiddling and fiddling with it, and the friend leaned in to help me. I popped my head up out of the car and I couldn’t see my daughter. It dawned on me suddenly that is my friend leaned in to help me, where was my daughter?!?!?! That moment hit, that feeling and I thought I was going to vomit. She was on the curb, still.. Thank god, I guess some of my lectures had sunk in, even at that age. But I remember as I walked over to collect her, in my silent torment, I saw a car go by us and I thought…”That could have been the car”……It’s a wonder my hair isn’t white. I can’t speak for yours because I just found your blog right now. ;)Thanks for sharing. I’m very glad your son is safe.


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