I want to be my son

Why do I want to be my son? His life has some awesome perks, read on to see what I mean.

  1. Just today we were at the DVD store and as the cashier handed the bag to him with two DVDs I picked, he grabbed another DVD from the shelf that he had his eye on and put it in the bag. The cashier just smiled and let him take it, for FREE!
  2. There's a brand new restaurant right down the street from us that he likes to go to because it's right on the river and there are tons of boats he can watch from the deck. Just about every time we go there the owner offers him something for FREE. The last time it was a tub of ice cream.
  3. There's another restaurant on the sea side that he also likes. Every time we go there the waiter makes sure he steals a handful of cherries from the bar and gives it to him in a little cup, for FREE!
  4. Whenever he is at my office the women in my office almost always offers him a bit of candy or gum. I mean, am I invisible here?  Can I have some gum?
  5. And girl friends, he has them all over the place and they come talk to him when they see us walking around town. Sometimes I get a hello, other times, they walk away never acknowledging me.
  6. His awesomeness doesn't stop at home either.  Just about every week on my day off he manages to get a new toy out of me. Usually a Matchbox or Hot Wheels, but when you're a kid, that's gold.
  7. He also usually gets served first at the dinner table, talk about being man of the house.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous of my son.  On the contrary, I am extremely proud of how friendly he is.  He makes friends so easily and people love him. They're always amazed at how well he speaks and how well he holds a conversation.  I only hope his out-going personality stays with him his whole life.  In the meantime, he's having a blast and working his awesomeness where ever he goes.


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