My mantra for this year


This past week we celebrated Squirt’s 3rd birthday. With that milestone in the bag my focus and excitement turns to the year ahead. More specifically, Squirt entering preschool later this year. Until now, most of his days have been spent free-playing or watching Disney DVDs. I realized a lot of that time could have been spent more constructively for his education and creativity. This is exactly what I want to correct with this mantra, “What will my son learn today? What will I teach him?”

This phrase is general enough to apply to fatherhood entirely but for now it will be my motivation to turn off the TV a couple hours each day, make time to read to my son, reinforce his manners and help him gain confidence in his social skills. To kick of this little endeavor today I’m going to buy a box of Uno cards to play with him to help him learn his numbers, he already has colors down pat. I will also get a couple comic books to read to him, we may even start a comic book collection–I had one when I was a boy. We’re going to drive by his future preschool more often so he gets use to the idea. I tell you, I’m getting really excited about this year. Wish us luck, ’til next time!



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