Who knew preschool was so much stress

…And we haven’t even started preschool yet.  Being a dad, I always want to make the best decision for my son and I want the best for my son.  When it comes to entering school I want to give my son the best chance to succeed, that means picking the best school.  Unfortunately, it looks like it also means the most expensive school.

My wife and I are on different pages when it comes to picking a school for Squirt.  She wants him to go to a school which is small and caters only to very young kids.  Equivalent to what you would call preschool through 2nd grade in U.S. standards.  My first perception of this school when I visited it the other day was that it was more of a day care than a school.  The kids didn’t seem to be doing anything and they were just being “watched” as opposed to some type of craft, reading time, activity, etc.  Of course, I may have just showed up at the wrong time to see more of what they offered.  The most appealing thing to my wife is that it will not cost us a fortune to send Squirt to this school and it’s where our daughter went 10 years ago.

On the other hand, the schools I prefer are full elementary schools, the U.S. equivalent of preschool to 6th grade.  The two schools I’m considering are quite a bit more expensive but when I visited them I caught a glimpse of different classes (with kids about Squirt’s age) actively being taught by a teacher in front of the class and even one class in the middle of P.E.  Squirt liked watching that class from the Principal's office window and mimicking the stretches the kids were doing.  Problem is, my wife is not on board with me when I mentioned the prices of these schools, actually, no one I’ve talked to has agreed with me sending my son to one of these schools.

I’ve already turned down an enrollment for Squirt at the most expensive, and probably the best, school and I was only able to get him on a waiting list at my 2nd school of choice so there is a possibility we may not even get in.  Everyone is telling me that I don’t need to spend so much on school and Squirt is a smart boy so he will do great at any school.  That may be true and only time will tell, but is it so bad that I want him to get the best education we are able to get him?  While the schools I prefer will put a strain on our budget I believe we can swing it.  School doesn’t start for another few months so I’ll be stressing about it til then.


3 thoughts on “Who knew preschool was so much stress

  1. Tough call man. If it doesn’t work out and he doesn’t get into the school you want, there’s always things you can do at home. I can send you some people I follow on Twitter who have blogs just on that. I’m always looking for ideas of what to do at home w/ Tessa. Only issue is she isn’t quite ready for a lot of what I find. Squirt’s a smart kid though. He’ll be good no matter what happens, but I think you’re right for going for the best school.

  2. Thanks bro, will see how it turns out in a few months. Until then we’re working on lots of things–numbers, abcs, manners, socializing. When u get some time email me those blogs.Sent from my iPod

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