I couldn’t keep a straight face

It's just been one of those days when I don't have any energy to do anything today but despite this, my three year old son managed to make me laugh.

It happened as he and I were driving to work today.  The radio was on and, as he sometimes does, he tries to sing along to the radio.  It's always really cute but I knew he would stop as soon as he saw me looking at him.  Today it happened to be a romantic song (I can't remember the title) but my wife goes gaga whenever she sees Squirt being romantic and I knew she would have loved to see this today.  So there I am driving and trying my hardest not burst out laughing but not in a bad way, because he is so cute.  I'm biting my lip trying not to make a sound as he get through half of the song.  By this time he is noticing the smile on my face in the rear view mirror.

He caught me and I couldn't hold in the laughter any more.  I tried to convince him how good he was doing but he refused to continue.  I wish I had a clip to show you here but I was driving and he would have probably noticed the camera.


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