The Training Wheels Are Off

Saturday evening Squirt (age: 3) woke up from a nap and asked me to take the training wheels off of his bicycle.  I was dead tired from a little road trip we had taken that day but I said okay to his request and removed the training wheels from his bicycle despite the fact that I knew he couldn’t ride without them and he would ask me to put them back on in less that ten minutes, but I was just humoring him.  Our living room/dining room is somewhat spacious so I left him to his bicycle, sans training wheels, and returned to whatever was on TV.  After about only five minutes he says, “Dad, come see me ride my bike!”  So I got up to watch him not expecting much but again, I was humoring him.

Low and behold, the little guy takes off and RIDES ALL BY HIMSELF across the room, dodging the walls and furniture, and even braking to avoid hitting the wall on the other side.  I was speechless.  I ran to him, picked him up and gave him a big hug for that awesome accomplishment.  He absolutely floored me, I had no idea he could do that.  I put him back down and asked him to show me again, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He picked up his bike, threw a leg over it and took off again.  All this time my wife was asleep, she was also tired from our road trip, but we had to show her so we both ran to the bedroom to wake her up.  She was equally amazed.

The rest of the night he practiced, going back and forth across the room.  Before the night was out I picked him up and asked him if he knew he could do that before we took off the training wheels.  With I smile he simply replied, “Yes.”  Amazing!!

The next morning he was dieing to go to grandma’s house so he could show off and ride with his two older cousins.  Check out his skills in the clip below, remember, he was doing this on his own five minutes after we took the training wheels off.  Imagine the fear he had to over come, the bravery he showed, even after taking a few crashes he still got up and jumped back on the bike.  I’m so proud of him.  He reminds me of when my brother and I used to attempt insane tricks on our skateboards around the neighborhood, we used to encourage each other by saying, “No fear! No fear!”  I’m so proud of him.  Now he can roll with the “big boys,” at least in the yard.

6 thoughts on “The Training Wheels Are Off

  1. Awesome. I love the question you asked/answer Squirt gave.. He knew he could ride the bike. He obviously saw it in his head and visualized riding the bike before he did it. It was easy once he saw himself do it. It’s so frickin cool that he did that.


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