A Half Hour With My 3 Year Old Son

Let me set the scene:  It’s Saturday, it’s high noon, and the temperature is a solid 90 degrees Fahrenheit with tropical humidity.

Despite this, my 3 year old son, Squirt, starts begging me to take him out to ride his bike which he just learned to ride without training wheels.  After a few minutes of his relentless begging I give in and tell him to put on his shirt and flip-flops (we are usually barefoot and shirtless).  Normally I wouldn’t venture outside in the middle of the day like this because it’s just too hot.  But, I love seeing Squirt ride his bike and since he learned, he hasn’t been riding beyond the yard.

He has no experience riding on the sidewalk sans training wheels let alone in the street so instead of riding alongside him I decide to jog so I can easily catch him if he starts to fall or stop him before he wanders into traffic.

Now I’m thinking we’re in for a nice sun burn but as soon as we got out on the street we were greeted with a soothing breeze coming off the sea.  So we set off on Squirts first “big boy” bike ride.  I had to coach him on staying on the side of the street, navigating driveways and avoiding sewer grills that would swallow his small tires.  Squirt practically lives on his bike so he didn’t have any problems; if anything, I had to consistently tell him to slow down.  He hasn’t had room before to really open up those tires so I was afraid he would get too squirrely and take a bad fall.  I jogged for a half mile between him and traffic then we took a break inside a restaurant for a quick drink before we started the return trip back home.  Suffice to say we both got a healthy dose of vitamin D that day and we have the tan lines to prove it.

If it wasn’t for Squirt I never would have known there was such a great breeze coming off the sea that day and the half hour we spent together turned an otherwise uneventful, hot and humid day into a great memory with my son.  We enjoyed it so much I took him out for another ride in the evening that same day for a TWO MILE ride.  Three days later my legs are still sore but I would do it all over again.



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