On Your Mark, Get Set, Pee!…Wait, What?

Raising a son is awesome.  As a father, I get to bond in a way with my little boy that is beyond words many times.  But, every now and then I kind of have to question the games and/or antics I'm dragged into with my three year old son.  Like this morning…

I wake up and head to the bathroom for the usual morning piss.  As I am taking my stance at the toilet I hear Squirt behind me.

"Dad, I want to pee too!"

I expected him to wait until I'm done but no.  He takes his stance right beside me and pulls out his little-man junk.  Before I could say anything I hear.

"On your mark, get set, go!"

Talk about creative games.  Anyway, we proceeded to simultaneously pee and it's no surprise that Squirt won that game.  I never thought I would start today with a pissing race but that's my life, a dad 24/7.


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