Our First, First Day Of School

Well, as I mentioned on Twitter, Squirt is entering preschool tomorrow—his very first, first day of school.  I’m beside myself with excitement and terror.  On the one hand, my little boy is growing up and has great times ahead of him at school.  Making new friends, learning things he has never known and, in a very real way, taking on the world on his own.

On the other hand, my little boy will be, in a very real way, taking on the world on his own.  He will have to fend for himself and make important decisions on his own about situations he has never been in before.

He will have to face things like:

  • Bigger kids (possible bullies).

And make important decisions like:

  • Where to sit at lunch time.

He’ll have to negotiate things like:

  • How to talk to girls
  • How to be cool

I don’t remember my very first day of school but we did move often and I had to make new friends almost every year and it wasn’t always easy.  Hopefully Squirt is more fortunate with friends and maybe he will meet his best friend tomorrow, it’s possible.

It will be very exciting morning tomorrow — getting him ready in his school uniform, driving to school, and watching him wave goodbye as he enters his classroom.  Well, wish us luck for our first day of school.

One thought on “Our First, First Day Of School

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