Our First, First Day Of School (Part 2)

At the thought of Squirt entering preschool I always imagined him running into my arms after school eager to tell me stories about his day at school with his latest art work in his hand.

Unfortunately, things didn’t happen that way.  The day started as expected – we woke up early, had breakfast, showered, got dressed and headed to school.  Upon arriving at school it was pretty much a miniature circus.  There were nervous, crying children everywhere and parents trying their hardest to comfort them.  Just the kind of situation I didn’t want Squirt to see.  Thankfully, it didn’t affect him much.  He was a brave little guy, taking a seat right at the front of the class.  He spoke when the teacher asked him questions and even spoke up to the teacher for a couple of the quieter classmates.

At recess he was shining, breaking the ice with his schoolmates on the playground and talking up the teacher.  He even pointed out an airplane in the sky and told his teacher he is going to be a pilot – an aspiration he often voices at home.  We stayed a bit longer with him until snack time was over then we thought he was settled in enough so we left him for the last hour of class.  As we were walking out the door we caught a glimpse of a tear rolling down his cheek but we could see he was trying to be strong.  It was hard but we walked out.

When we got back he was in full tears.  It seems some of the children had started leaving already and he had become scared that he would be left behind.  Actually, a number of the children still there started crying before him and that made him start crying.  Add to that, a classmate had spilled a glass of cold water all over him and he was soaked when we picked him up.

My dreams of him having a great first day of school were shattered.  Let me tell you, he is not excited to go back tomorrow.  We got him home, gave him a refreshing shower, lunch and we was feeling better.  Hopefully he will be ready for day two by tomorrow morning.

One thought on “Our First, First Day Of School (Part 2)

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