Random Dad Thoughts

Hands together


I love when I get a chance to teach Squirt something new, especially when it’s a guy thing.  Today we were at my brother-in-law’s home where there is a huge yard for Squirt to run around.  I was sipping on a rum and coke while watching him play.  He had picked up a bat and was testing his swing on a soccer ball but something wasn’t right, his grip was all wrong.  So, I set down my drink and I stood behind him–showed him the proper stance and made sure his hands were stacked and touching instead of wide apart.  After one walk through with the swing he had it down pretty good and his swings were making solid contact with the ball.  I know it was a small thing but I remember the first time someone showed me how to hold a bat properly and it felt good to pass on that knowledge to Squirt today.


Relaxing and enjoying the day


Hanging out and taking a few drinks with friends has never been easy with Squirt simply because I am used to always keeping an eye on him instead of actually socializing and relaxing.  Today while I was kicking around the soccer ball with the other guys I realized I was actually having a good time.  That’s a big deal.  Squirt was in view the whole time but I wasn’t only watching him.  I realized he was fine without my constant presence and that allowed me to relax a bit and be one of the guys again for a few minutes.  It was a great mental escape to do that for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Random Dad Thoughts

  1. When I taught my daughter the correct way to a baseball, it was great. “step while you throw”. She threw it to me every single time… It’s easier to teach them earlier when the slate is blank and there’s not other influence or ways they think it should be done..

  2. I think you’re right about it being easier to teach them when they’re a blank slate. I’ll have to remember that ‘step while you throw’ for my son.


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