Crayons And Quality Time

Up until a few days ago, quiet time in our home has been almost none existent.  Squirt just never stops moving.  Thankfully, it seems he has discovered that he can create awesome colored pictures with his box of crayons and a good coloring book. The best part about his new-found interest is that it is a great activity for quiet time and he always enjoys when we color a picture together.



It’s exciting to watch how much thought and concentration he puts into his color selection and coloring technique.  He seems genuinely interested in making the picture his own and he demonstrates an amazing amount of patience to complete a picture.  His little 3-year-old passions have always been airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles and race cars–those are his favorite things to color.  During our quiet times together I enjoy hearing questions like, “Dad, what color are headlights?” or “Dad, what color are helmets?”  I like suggesting a suitable color but in the end he picks his own color and that’s just fine.




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