The Minutes Of My Jog With Squirt

5:40 pm:  Squirt starts reminding me repeatedly that I promised to take him for a bike ride today.

5:45 pm:  I give in and I tell him to ask his mom to get his tennis shoes from inside the truck.  (This conserves my energy for my jog.)

5:48 pm:  I still end up having to go to the truck when my wife finds only one shoe.

5:55 pm:  After I get Squirt ready I send him on a mission to find my jogging shoes. (Still attempting to conserve energy for the jog.)

6:00 pm:  We head out the door and I argue with Squirt about him having to wear his helmet.  He tries to convince me he doesn't look cool with it.

6:10 pm:  Squirt charms a tourist couple when he politely says, "Excuse me" to pass them on the side walk.  They politely step aside and commend him on his great riding skills.  He laughs.

6:25 pm:  Jogging along side Squirt on his bike has gone good for the first half of our trip.  We turn around and begin to head back home.

6:30 pm:  I shout at Squirt to slow down because I need to catch my breath.  After a couple minutes I start to jog again.

6:40 pm:  I shout at Squirt to stop while I walk to catch up to him and catch my breath again.

6:45 pm:  After another attempt at jogging I've decided to walk the rest of the way home.

6:46 pm:  We watch Buddy (our dog who always follows us on our jogs) go behind a bush to take a piss.  It's like he is human.

6:55 pm:  We reach home, my shirt is wet and I know my legs will be sore tomorrow.

Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.

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