Tough Decisions

This year a major event for me was enrolling our little 3 year old into school.  We did actually do this but things didn’t go smoothly.  Squirt would dread every morning he had to go to school and it just became unbearable to put him through that every week.  With only about a month total of preschool under his belt we decided to take him out of school.  Maybe he just wasn’t ready.  We told ourselves that we would try again when he was four years old–we knew some parents that didn’t put their children in school until they were four years old.

Several times my parents had suggested that he attend a preschool near their home.  Squirt’s cousins attended that school and Squirt had been to several school functions so he knew the teachers quite well.  Between both of our work schedules there is no way we could make the commute every week day to that school.  My parents suggested that Squirt stay with them during the week but we were not ready for that.

In the meantime, I was concerned about him falling behind with essential early education.  So, I purchased the same books they used at school and I would try to teach him to read and write his alphabets and numbers.  We did make some progress but I knew it was not what he could be learning at school.  At home I could see that he wanted to be challenged and engaged more.

It wasn’t an easy decision but this week Squirt started attending his new preschool.  Much to our relief he is enjoying it very much.  Only two days in and he is already impressing his teacher.  All things considered, it is a weight lifted off my shoulders personally, knowing that he will be experiencing preschool like he should–as a fun and stress free experience.  It’s not without difficulty not seeing him everyday and we are constantly wondering how he is at any given moment but we are taking it one day at a time.  I keep trying to remind myself that Squirt loves his grandma, he’ll get to see his cousins everyday and he is developing what he needs to develop right now.

3 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. That’s a tough decision. You’ve obviously made a big sacrifice for his education and it is only for a short amount of time. All the best.

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