Kite Season Is Here

Here in Belize, the month of March marks the height of kite season.  Soon there will be children of all ages out in the streets flying their homemade kites built with straw and plastic bags.  Undoubtedly, power lines all over the country will also be littered with tangled and abandoned kites.  

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the year.  It is the kite season because at this time of the year the wind blows almost non stop and the temperature drops a few degrees giving us a few weeks break from the tiring heat.  Another reason I like kite season is that my now soon-to-be four year old son loves kites.  He shouts and points out the car window every time he spots one ever since he learned to say the word kite.  The fact that he is four this year is what makes this year special.  About two years ago I tried to fly a kite with Squirt but that ended with me trying to reel in a kite while chasing him through the park.

Well I couldn't wait until March so way back in February I surprised Squirt with a new kite.  I attempted to build one the night before I bought one but failed miserably and that kite pretty much crashed and burned.  I took him to where there were no power lines, my parent's huge yard, for safety and tried to teach him the finer points of getting the kite up in the air.  After several days of instruction, and fun, he is picking it up nicely.  Pretty soon he will be able to get his kite up off the ground all on his own.  The best parts are watching him run back and forth in the yard directing his kite across the sky and making airplane engine sounds.





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