Every Monday Should Be This Easy

I was trying to get in my last half hour of sleep.  You know, when you’re too tired to get up out of bed so you try to sleep in until the very last minute when you know you absolutely can not stay any longer without making the kids late for school.  Well that didn’t happen this morning.  My 4-year-old had other plans.

He pried open my eyes and said, “Dad, wake up!  I need to go to school.”  Did my son say that?  I wondered.

Again I hear him, “All my friends are there, wake up!”

This is from a kid that used to cry at preschool, hates breakfast and would rather watch cartoons or play games than get dressed.  He completely caught me by surprise when he told me exactly what he wanted for breakfast and he actually ate it without threats of taking his iPod away.  (Yeah, I gave him my beloved iPod months ago.  I still kind of regret that but he loves it just as much as I did.)

I was in awe but I wasn’t about to ask any questions about the change of behavior, I just went with it.  So I got him dressed, dropped him off at school then promptly returned to that extra half hour of sleep.


One thought on “Every Monday Should Be This Easy

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