Squirt’s First Time To Placencia

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Placencia is a small beach village here in Belize.  One of the better beaches in Belize actually.  It is about a 3 hour road trip from where we live so we don’t go out there often but I can definitely say that Squirt and our daughter are completely at home on the beach.

2 thoughts on “Squirt’s First Time To Placencia

  1. Wow ! Loved the slideshow ! Looks like it was a memorable trip.
    It’s truly special when your children have a connection with the beach and the ocean. We’re hoping that our little ones will have it too.

    • Mamagrace71, thanks for the comment. I love the beach and use to surf when I was younger. I miss it, there isn’t much surf here in Belize. I love it that Squirt loves the beach and water. One day I will teach him to surf too.


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