Sometimes it is a lot of fun seeing the things my son does or the things in which he becomes interested. The things with which he identifies and calls his own. My four year old son’s latest obsession is drifting.

Drifting – A type of precision driving where the driver intentionally over steers, producing a controlled slide through turns, while maintaining vehicle control and a high exit speed.

Doesn’t matter if it is his HotWheels toy car, a racecar in a video game, his bicycle or even a shopping cart, he can make it ‘drift’ and he loves doing it. So much so that we’ve almost had to ban him from pushing the shopping carts in the grocery store. He has had carts land on top of him, he has ended up on top of an over turned cart and has knocked more than a few items of the shelves. And, yes, his favorite movies are The Fast And Furious series.

I hope he either out grows it or masters it by the time he is old enough to drive but until then it is a lot of fun watching him drift and enjoying his favorite movies with him.

2 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. I have to say, I am impressed that your son has the concept of drifting down, let alone the ability to do it (in a video game or otherwise). As an expecting dad, I am definitely looking forward to watching all of my child’s quirks develop. This made me smile inside. Thanks!

    • Believe me, I was as surprised as anyone when he first exclaimed that he was drifting. Children pick up the most surprising things from their environment.

      BTW, congrats on your expected baby.

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