Reflecting After The First Year Of Preshool

Squirt’s first year of preschool is coming to an end in a few weeks and, like many parents do, I can’t help but think back on the past year.  Even before preschool started it was tough for my wife and I to even decide which school he should attend.  When the first day of school finally came around I had high hopes but, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as expected.  To make matters worse, over the next few weeks Squirt didn’t adjust well to his preschool.

After much thought, we transferred him to a preschool with which he was more familiar but quite far from our home.  We managed to get him squared away in his new school and he came to enjoy it very much.  This was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Last summer I remembered looking forward to Squirt’s first year of preschool very much and now that it has pasted, some memories will always stay with me.

Dressing Squirt for school in his little uniform.

Getting that last hug and kiss from him before he goes into his class.

See that day come when he wanted to walk into the school yard on his own and he made me kiss him in the truck where no one would see.

Seeing him almost burst at the seams with excitement because he had his latest school project to show me.

Doing homework with him.

Listening to him recite the songs he learned in class.

Seeing him write his own name (still a work in progress).

Letting him take the school bus home from school (his preference by the way).

Finding a best friend and inviting him over to play after school.

Listening to the high lights from his day in school.

I can only imagine what the next school-year holds for him, and I, but we are looking forward to it.  In the mean time we have a whole summer vacation to enjoy…


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