Pretend Play – Inventing Christmas

A quiet night, a roll of old wrapping paper, some tape and a five-year old boy.  That’s how you invent Christmas.  At least that’s all it took for my son to invent some play time fun.  In his words, he was, “playing Christmas.”

Playing Crhistmas

Playing Christmas 2

He appointed me as his tape dispenser and he was the wrapper.  So what were in the gifts you might ask.  His own toys of course.  After all the wrapping was done.  I had to go to sleep and he would be Santa bringing the presents while I slept.  When I “woke up” we opened the presents together and had a little bit of play time before bed time.

Yup, I might have missed my favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory and beginning of Late Night With Conan but I don’t think anyone else can say it was Christmas at their house last night.  It certainly was at my house last night.

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