Daddy’s little book worm?

Last night, while my wife was finishing up some laundry, I was getting ready for bed and I realized Squirt was the only one watching TV (it was Friday night).  Now I much prefer him doing something constructive than watching TV so I called him into our bed so I could read to him.  He had refused moving from in front of the TV several times but he jumped at the chance to read a book and ran into the room.  That was a pleasant surprise and one that I expected and hoped for.

The Ugly Duckling is a book he had on his reading list for some time but we had never gotten around to reading it.  He got cozy next to me with his usual bedtime hot coco and I started to read to him.  He’s actually very good as sitting still for a story and interrupts only a few times to comment on the pictures.

Unfortunately, he still didn’t want to go to sleep after the book and he talked his mom into ten more minutes of TV.  You win some and you lose some right?  Nevertheless, it was nice to see him opt for a book instead of the TV.


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