An Awesome Home Remedy For Dry Coughs

For years, Squirt, my wife, and I, have suffered everytime Squirt gets sick. For some reason, he always developed this non-stop hacking dry cough. It was so severe that his throat would start hurting, he would become short of breath, and sometimes even vomit from the non-stop coughing. It was torture.

We used all kinds of over the counter medication plus a nebulizer but none seemed REALLY effective. The nebulizer was always our best weapon to relieve him of the constant, painful coughing but it was tedious and worked only for a little while.

Thank goodness we have finally found a way to deal with his horrible dry coughs, a simple home rememdy.

The remedy: gargling with a very warm water and salt solution.

That’s it and it has worked so good. My son is five years old and he has no problem gargling the solution so that makes it really easy. Now he coughs once or twice an hour instead of the hundreds of painful coughs for the day. I didn’t know about this home remedy, the idea just popped into my head so I gave it a shot. Afterwards I googled it and found out it is one of the best home remedies for dry coughs. Peace at last.



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