You Have To Be Creative (At Parenting)

Experts says that it’s good for children to get bored sometimes; that they don’t need to be entertained all the time.  This works out great sometimes, it really allows them to be creative.  But other times, it just back fires and those sweet little kids drive you nuts–this is what happened last night.

Squirt was bored out of his mind, even his usual fall back activity of building a fort in the living room didn’t get him out of his little funk.  When this happens I usually do one of three things.  If I can tell he is tired then we start our bedtime routine and try to put him down for the rest of the night.  Or, sometimes I put on one of his favourite DVDs.  But many times I have to rack my brain for some constructive activity that’s fun.  Emphasis on the fun, for a five year old.

So with my brain in MacGyver mode I grabbed a cardboard box that has been floating around the house, an almost empty roll of duct tape, a utility knife, and I started cutting away.  After a lot of cutting, and taping, and cutting, and taping, I had a crude set of cardboard armour on Squirt.  He quickly dubbed himself, Ironman, took off the cardboard armour, found a red marker and quickly scribbled some red color onto his armour suite.  He spent the next half hour running around the living room, jumping off the couches, pretending to punch an imaginary enemy and shooting his repulsor blasts.  Several of his pretend missions involved me carrying him around the house so he could pretend to fly like Ironman.

I gotta admit, it took some work but the effort was worth it to see him out of his boredom and smiling again.

The Takeaway:  Always keep some duct tape, a sharp knife, and some clean cardboard boxes around.  You never know when you’ll need a super hero, space rocket, race car, etc, etc…



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