Welcome to Daddy’s lil’ Squirt!

Hello, we are coming to you live (not really) from the Caribbean country of Belize.  It is here that I met my wife in 2001.  A few years later we started a relationship and I became a step-dad to a beautiful six-year-old girl and we all moved in together.  About a year later our son, affectionately known here as Squirt, came along and that’s when things really started to get interesting.

Daddy’s lil’ Squirt is my personal blog that is mostly about my only son, Squirt, the journey of new fatherhood, and our life here in the Caribbean.  As awesome as living in the Caribbean may sound, it doesn’t make being a dad any easier.  Yeah, becoming and being a dad is the toughest thing I have ever done but also the most awesome and meaningful thing in my life.  I’ve been a dad since 2007 and blogging about it since 2008.

Read more about us in our blog.  You can also subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter. 🙂



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