My 5 year old can access the Android Market, do a search for any game, and download it yet he can’t tie his own shoelaces. #parentfail

Big School, A Big Pond

Things have been quiet here at Daddyslilsquirt.com over the summer but to quickly catch you up.

Squirt was basically on time-out for a good portion of the summer because on July 2nd he took a bad fall while playing and broke his left clavicle (collarbone). It was a bad moment for all of us but it hardly seemed to slow him down after the initial shock. As you can imagine, his need to run and jump everywhere, and I mean everywhere, had our nerves on edge for weeks. Now he doing just fine.

But on to my point of this post.

Squirt is just starting his second week at his new school. Big school. Last year he attended a small preschool in which he seemed to thrive much better socially. He pretty much socialized with only his classmates, around 25 other kids.

Now, in his big school, there are several hundred students. Although they do keep the younger classes separate from the older (read: more likely to run right over my little boy) students that still leaves him with probably over a hundred students at recess. Even worse, lunch happens at the same time for everyone so there are kids of all sizes running around on the playground.

To be honest, while I don’t like the thought of him getting hurt physically, I am much more concerned with him adjusting well with his new peers and making friends. I can imagine it’s very easy to be lonely on a crowded playground and that is the last thing I want him to feel, and worse, have to live with every school day.

I want him to make friends and not be afraid to make friends. I want him to be happy and surrounded with friends. I suppose it comes down to his confidence and I know he has it in him but I can’t help but worry about him being unhappy or lonely.