Having Passions

Today I had my old electric guitar in the living room while I was doing some Christmas cleaning.  At three years old Squirt can barely lift it but that doesn't stop him, he loves sitting down and strumming away on it.  I have to say, it brings a smile to my face seeing him take joy in my old guitar.  Playing guitar is a passion I picked up myself at about the age of 14 or 15.  I practiced for hours everyday for years.  It's something that defined me at the time and I am glad for it.  Looking back, it taught me to dedicate myself and develop a skill I loved.  This is something I hope for Squirt too.  That he finds something he really enjoys and that he has the means to pursue it and immerse himself in it.

To me, life without passion isn't life at all. So strum away my son, make your own music.



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